Friday, January 7, 2011

Let's play catch-up:)

Ok. Time for a little catch-up. When I last posted on Dec. 17, I was sick. Guess what. I'm still sick. I ended up having bronchitis and a sinus infection. Doctor gave me antibiotics for 10 days, and after I finished taking them again, it all went downhill again. Now I have a respiratory infection, so I'm taking a different antibiotic (4 times a day), and the doctor told me to take extra strength Mucinex DM (ick) and pseudophedrine. I have literally been through about 7 or 8 boxes of Kleenex, 2 bottles of robitussin and 2 boxes of pseudophedrine. No worries - I've talked to my doctor before buying each bottle/box, just to be sure. It didn't seem right to me that Ella could handle so much, but apparently, she is fine. She seems to be handling it well, or maybe that is why she is always kicking me in the ribs:)

I'm going to the doctor every two weeks now, and at my appointment on Tuesday, aside from me being sick, everything is going great. Her heart rate was 165 bpm, which means she is as active as ever. Only 7 weeks left. In 4 weeks, she will be full-term, and you better believe that when that day comes, I will start promising this child the sun, moon, stars, diamonds, cars...whatever it takes...if she will just come out. If she wants to hang out longer, I certainly won't complain. But if she's ready and willing, I'm ready.

Ella had a very fruitful Christmas, especially for someone who isn't even here yet:) We came home with a lot of beautiful dresses and outfits, tons of bibs and toys and a Mamaroo swing, which I was very excited about. I finally ordered her bedding (!) - it only took me MONTHS to commit. I thought having a girl would make it easier, but it was the exact opposite. I will post pictures later.

My Fort Payne baby shower is tomorrow, and other than being sick, I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully we can start getting everything else together for our girl's arrival very soon!

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