Saturday, April 9, 2011

What I've learned so far...

Blogging is hard when you have a little one. Case in point...I started this draft on March 8. Today is April 9. Being productive has been a challenge, period. I either want to hold her or she wants to be held, so I very rarely have two free hands. I have been making notes on my phone so that I remember what I wanted to blog about so that, whenever time rolls around, I cover everything I wanted to. I know things will get lost in the mix, but that's ok. I also have a ton of pictures, but I haven't had time to upload them. Her newborn pictures are fantastic, but I'm biased. Hopefully, I will manage to get them up soon. In the meantime, I wanted to share what I've learned so far about my little princess...

1. My princess has some not-so-princess-like habits. She...well...let's see, how do I say this delicately...she toots. A lot. I didn't even know babies did that. But my girl does. She won't burp to save her life, though. She has apparently chosen her method of relieving herself. It's pretty hilarious. I know that I probably won't think it's as funny if she is still doing it when she is five years old, but I do know that I will miss it. How crazy is that? :)

2. She's no dummy. The doctors told me that she would probably be about a month behind because she was a month premature. Apparently, they didn't know who her parents were. She may be a little behind growth-wise - at 2 months, she is 9 lbs 5 oz and 22 inches long - but her development has been right on cue. And she is so alert. She is doing a great job of holding her head up and making noises. She's spectacular to watch.

3. She really only has two prerequisites. That whatever it is, it must be soft and warm. And if it comes with milk, even better. We've had to translate this into bathtime. She hated it at first, mostly because she was cold. But now that her lower half is constantly in water, she's a little better. If Daddy is around, then he constantly pours warm water over her while I'm doing the work. That part, she looovvveeesss.

4. If you aren't doing anything, then you better be holding her. And if you are doing something, you better stop and hold her. She has periods during the day where she will lay on her back and entertain herself, but for the most part, she would prefer to not be flat on her back.

5. My girl has a face for everything. To be so little, she can convey every emotion in 30 seconds, just by using her face. Priceless.

6. If it comes anywhere near her mouth, she will try to eat it. No exceptions. And she will eat until you take it away from her. No kidding. If I don't limit her intake, she will eat until she's sick.

7. She can sleep through pretty much anything. If she is asleep in her bouncy seat, I can literally run the vacuum right by her, and she won't budge.

8. She loves her Boppy newborn lounger. When she came home, she was too little to sit in her bouncy seat or her MamaRoo. But she nestled right into her lounger. It saved us, especially in the beginning. It was the only way she would consent to being put down. It honestly was probably the best thing we bought.

Those are the main things I have so far. There is so much more, and I learn every day. There has been so much else going on too, but it's hard to go through it all without this being 14 pages long. In a nutshell, she has had many visitors and she has been to the Aquarium to meet everyone I work with. We are taking her to FP for Easter so she can meet the rest of the family. I go back to work April 20. That's all I can say about that because just typing those few words has made my body temperature rise about 8 degrees and my eyes are welling on...  I finally got her nursery finished. Now that everything is on the walls, I can see where I want some different things, but all in good time. And she is just now starting to fit into her 0-3 months clothing. Most of her newborn stuff still fits, but she now has some more options:)

And on that note, I must depart. It's 8:50 p.m., and the little one eats at 9 p.m. Hopefully it won't be months before I do this again, but no promises:)