Monday, January 24, 2011

Annnnnnddd....we're back:(

Okay, so I left out the middle. Last time I updated, we found out we were staying in the hospital until Friday. During that time, my parents made it back to Alabama; I got my computer and was able to work all day Thursday and Friday (thank goodness); and Kyle and his mom went to Babies R Us on a mini shopping spree. That was probably more emotional for me than anything else. I cried for 20 minutes after they left because I had really looked forward to buying Ella all the little things she needed. I had a big list - and if you know me, you know I love my lists. And I missed out on all of it. They did bring me back a burrito bowl from Chipotle, so that helped ease the pain. They also brought in all the bags and had show-and-tell in my hospital room. That helped a little more.

On Friday, the doctor came in and said that, combined with all of my good test results, my blood pressure had stayed at a safe range for a long enough period that it was okay for me to go home. So that's what we did. When we got home, we discovered that Kyle's mom had been a very busy bee at the house while she was here. Every bit of our laundry was done. And I mean every bit. Kyle even said that there were things he forgot he had. I know that's a total dig on me, but it's true. My mom and dad were also waiting for us at the house when we arrived. Mom stayed with us that night, and my sister came up on Saturday. Kyle had to work on Saturday, so they were in charge of making sure I stuck to the whole bedrest thing.

On Saturday, my mom and sister were major worker bees. They made a palette in the floor of Ella's nursery for me, and I laid there and watched them put the whole room together. I wish I had thought to take before and after pictures, because it went from being a room full of stuff and boxes to being an actual nursery. It was amazing. Mom also finished washing all of Ella's clothes, towels, burp cloths, hats, etc., and Brittney went and got her some more hairbows (hey...we've got our priorities...), so we are in a much better position than we were a week ago. And then when Kyle got home, they ran more errands for me and picked up the things I needed that I didn't want to make my poor husband buy. They went back home Saturday night, and then it was just Kyle bossing me around on Sunday. Well, not really bossing me around, because I can't go anywhere or do anything, but Kyle making sure I stayed immobile.

Bedrest has been quite the struggle, mentally and physically. My body aches all over from inactivity, and the inability to do things for myself really sucks. And it's not even an inability - it's someone telling me constantly that I can't do this or do that, and therefore having to ask for every little thing. I know that there are so many other women who have more problems and more serious problems during their pregnancy, so despite the glitches I've had, I'm still very lucky. And I've received some of the sweetest and most encouraging messages from people, all of which have helped me keep a positive attitude. Well, as positive as I'm known to be, anyhow.

Fast-forward to today. I had a doctor's appointment at 2:45 p.m. After being thrown in the hospital last week unexpectedly, I knew we needed to be prepared. We packed our bag and Ella's bag, installed the car seat and ordered the rest of what we needed online. I came to terms with the fact that there will just be things I have to do to her nursery after she gets here. The child won't know that her curtains are white instead of green, and that's okay. I also decided to throw my computer in the car, just in case. And guess what, I'm back. My blood pressure at the doctor's office was 160/120, which is no bueno. So they wheeled me back to the hospital and up to the floor where they keep the high risk pregnancy patients. They stuck an IV in my hand to administer medicine that would lower my blood pressure and then took blood out of the other arm. This time, the IV nurse let the blood spurt out and I felt it running down my arm, where it then puddled on my bed. Not for this girl. I just kept watching and talking to Kyle and told him not to look. The more he looked, the more I wanted to, and I knew that would be a bad decision. I've been here for a few hours now, and my BP is still on up there. So now we just wait for labwork to come back and I'm doing another 24-hour test, so the earliest I could go home would be tomorrow night around 9 p.m. The nurses at Northside are fantastic, and I've had some of the same ones from last week, who remembered me. They don't seem to think that I will go home pregnant, but that's what they said last week. Luckily, we are in a better place than we were a week ago because Ella is now 35 weeks and 1 day, and it may not seem important, but every day counts.

I left out the most important part. Ella is totally fine. I'm having a fair number of contractions, but they don't seem too concerned about it right now.None of this seems to phase her. I've been on the fetal monitor for a few hours now, and she seems as happy and comfy as can be.  That is absolutely all that matters. Not how long I have to be here or how many times they stick needles and IVs in me. As long as she is lounging in there and feels pretty good about it, I can take what they throw at me. Hopefully I will get to go home tomorrow or soon, but if I don't, then when I do go home, I will hopefully be taking a beautiful little girl with me:)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Well, it looks like I'm at the hospital until at least Friday. My blood pressure hasn't gone down enough, and combined with a few other issues, they prefer to keep me here. It gives us a better chance to make sure that we keep Ella in there a little longer. They took me off the IV (which they put me on yesterday because I was having regular contractions- probably just Braxton Hicks, but they said it was too early for me to be having them so regularly) because my contractions stopped, but they left it in my hand so I wouldn't have to go through sticking again. Traumatic for me. I hate, hate, hate needles. So that's it for now. Hopefully I will get to go home on Friday and do bed rest from there instead of here. Although, they did move us to a nicer room, so at least I've got HDTV. So until later...:)

This wasn't the plan...

So I'm typing from the comfort of a hospital bed. That's right. I'm in the hospital. Awesome, huh? Here's what happened, or at least what I know so far.

Yesterday, I had my regular appointment, which was at 34 weeks and 2 days. That means we still have 5 weeks and 5 days until we reach the desired 40 week mark. When they took my blood pressure, the bottom number was 102. I don't know anything about blood pressure, but apparently, 102 sucks. Ideally, they want pregnant women to stay under 80. So the doctor said she was sending me to the hospital to be admitted and for observation. Bum-mer.

So I walked across to the women's center, where we are supposed to deliver eventually, and they put me in a room and hooked me up to a fetal monitor and blood pressure monitor, which would measure my bp every 15 minutes for 2 hours. My bottom number ranged from 94 to 101. Still, no bueno. So, they decided that I had to stay the night. My doctor then delivered the blow...

Doctor: "Are you working?"
Me: "Yes, ma'am."
Doctor: "You're done."
Me: "Until Wednesday, Thursday...?"
Doctor: "You're done."*t.

Apparently this doctor doesn't know me very well. I have a LOT to do. And this was not the plan. Bed rest for me was never part of the plan, but that's where we are at now. After I talked to work and told them what was going on, my bottom number shot to 102. I don't like leaving things undone or putting them off on other people, and I certainly don't like my decision-making to be taken away from me - but that's what has happened. And I know that is what HAS to happen, but it doesn't make it any easier on me.

Things seemed more grim last night. The doctor and midwives told me several times that I would not leave the hospital pregnant, and that there was a real possibility that I would either have to spend the next 2 1/2 weeks in the hospital and then they would induce at 37 weeks, or depending upon my test results and bp, I may be induced by the morning. Well, it's now 2:30 p.m., and she is still chilling in my tummy. They did an ultrasound to make sure she was okay. Not only is she okay, but at 34 weeks and 2 days, my child is measuring 7.5 lbs. Yeah, that's what I said. If she came this early, she would still have problems with breathing and sucking, but she shouldn't have a problem with maintaining her body temperature. I have no idea how it happened, but I've said it all along - my girl is a chunky monkey.

I spent the night in the hospital, with poor Kyle in the pull-out chair next to me. They gave me an Ambien, and right after I swallowed it, it was daylight. They've continued to monitor my blood pressure today, and I had one that was in the 70s, but I'm sitting at 95 again right now. They also did a chest xray (after putting tons of protection on my belly) because I've had such a terrible cough for 4 weeks now. The doctor came back and said I have gestational hypertension, and after they get the results back from my 24-hour tests, they will know for sure if I have preeclampasia. Best case scenario right now is that I will get to go home, be on modified bed rest and will be able to carry to 38 weeks. They've already thrown 40 weeks out the window. Realistic scenario - I get to go home and am on strict bedrest, then deliver at 37/38 weeks. No reason to worry about worst case scenario until they tell me we are there.

The other problem is that I'm not ready. Her crib is up and most of her clothes are washed, but her nursery is no where near ready and we don't have everything we need. Kyle's mom got here this afternoon, and they are going to go and get the rest of the things that we need. I cried for a while because I was really excited about buying everything for Ella, and now I'm going to miss out on it. That's what I get for thinking I still had 6 weeks. But in the end, at least she will have everything she needs and everything will be ready. My parents were on their way to Houston; they turned around and are on their way back now. My sister has her bag packed and in her car ready to go, and Kyle's sister is in South Alabama with her dad, but luckily they can travel by plane and be here in the blink of an eye if needed. Hopefully, nobody will have to rush here. Ella needs to hang out for at least 2 weeks and 4 days before we want her to come out. Hopefully we will know more this afternoon when my test results come back, but for now, I'm just hanging out, waiting.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I wish I was better at posting pictures, but alas, it's not one of my talents. It's mostly because I'm never the picture taker. I would love to share pictures from my baby shower with you, but I didn't take any of them, so I don't have any to share:(  One thing is for certain though - Kyle and I are incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so many people who care for us. More importantly, Ella is one lucky little girl. She received some incredibly beautiful things, and I can't wait to share them with her. Hopefully, I will steal some pictures from someone, and then I can share them with you too. A few of my girlfriends from high school were also able to be there, and I don't think I had seen any of them since one of their weddings in 2008. It meant a lot to have them there and be able to share the day with them - after all, they've known Kyle and me longer than anyone else.

I do have one picture to share. My incredible sister made a diaper cake for the event, and it was amazing! This is a picture of it while it's still at her house, and it still underwent some changes after this, but this is it at some point in the process. The picture in the middle is one of Ella's ultrasound photos:)

Once I made it back home after the shower, we made the obligatory visit to the grocery store for the impending snowpocalypse, as it was being called in Atlanta. I was completely skeptical and swore that it wouldn't snow an inch. I was wrong. Very, very wrong. For the first time since opening in 2005, the Aquarium actually closed - on Monday and Tuesday. Turner was closed too, so Kyle and I were stuck inside for a couple days. We both worked from home, and my sick self took advantage of being immobile, but it was still nice to be able to emerge on Wednesday, even if it was just for a few hours.

I did manage to put Ella's new bedding on her crib and start washing her clothes. I'm still not done - mostly because I'm being more tedious with her laundry than I am with ours. Her floor is still covered with stuff though - either because I don't know where to put it or don't have anywhere to put it yet. I'm starting to panic a tad because she is due in 6 weeks and her room still isn't done, but I know it will get there, eventually. As soon as I have it done, I will share pics. Those I will actually be able to take, and I can do it with the new digital SLR we got for Christmas! That's one thing I noticed - everyone who is having babies got fancy cameras for Christmas. I guess that's just what you do:)

As I mentioned, there are only 6 weeks left before Ella is due to arrive. Doesn't seem like a long time, but it's dragging. Mostly because I've felt so bad lately and because she has decided that she favors positions that I find extremely uncomfortable. She's a huge fan of kicking me in the ribs or just moving her feet around in my upper abdomen. She also likes to stick her bottom out, right in the middle of my stomach. I can feel her rolling around to assume the position, and then, the left half of my stomach juts out where she is pushing on it. It's pretty funny, but it's actually quite painful. In the meantime, I'm dragging Kyle to more classes. This weekend, we have childbirth preparation class from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, and then I'm going to see Beauty and the Beast at the Fox with his mom and sister. Then, on Sunday, we have Infant CPR class. In two weeks, we have Baby Essentials class, which is another 3 hours on a Sunday. We've already been on our hospital tour, and I've already been to breastfeeding class. Luckily, there were no men in there. That would've been weird.

And then I turn 28. Not happy about feeling old, but at least I will soon have something spectacular to lift my spirits.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Let's play catch-up:)

Ok. Time for a little catch-up. When I last posted on Dec. 17, I was sick. Guess what. I'm still sick. I ended up having bronchitis and a sinus infection. Doctor gave me antibiotics for 10 days, and after I finished taking them again, it all went downhill again. Now I have a respiratory infection, so I'm taking a different antibiotic (4 times a day), and the doctor told me to take extra strength Mucinex DM (ick) and pseudophedrine. I have literally been through about 7 or 8 boxes of Kleenex, 2 bottles of robitussin and 2 boxes of pseudophedrine. No worries - I've talked to my doctor before buying each bottle/box, just to be sure. It didn't seem right to me that Ella could handle so much, but apparently, she is fine. She seems to be handling it well, or maybe that is why she is always kicking me in the ribs:)

I'm going to the doctor every two weeks now, and at my appointment on Tuesday, aside from me being sick, everything is going great. Her heart rate was 165 bpm, which means she is as active as ever. Only 7 weeks left. In 4 weeks, she will be full-term, and you better believe that when that day comes, I will start promising this child the sun, moon, stars, diamonds, cars...whatever it takes...if she will just come out. If she wants to hang out longer, I certainly won't complain. But if she's ready and willing, I'm ready.

Ella had a very fruitful Christmas, especially for someone who isn't even here yet:) We came home with a lot of beautiful dresses and outfits, tons of bibs and toys and a Mamaroo swing, which I was very excited about. I finally ordered her bedding (!) - it only took me MONTHS to commit. I thought having a girl would make it easier, but it was the exact opposite. I will post pictures later.

My Fort Payne baby shower is tomorrow, and other than being sick, I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully we can start getting everything else together for our girl's arrival very soon!