Thursday, January 13, 2011


I wish I was better at posting pictures, but alas, it's not one of my talents. It's mostly because I'm never the picture taker. I would love to share pictures from my baby shower with you, but I didn't take any of them, so I don't have any to share:(  One thing is for certain though - Kyle and I are incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so many people who care for us. More importantly, Ella is one lucky little girl. She received some incredibly beautiful things, and I can't wait to share them with her. Hopefully, I will steal some pictures from someone, and then I can share them with you too. A few of my girlfriends from high school were also able to be there, and I don't think I had seen any of them since one of their weddings in 2008. It meant a lot to have them there and be able to share the day with them - after all, they've known Kyle and me longer than anyone else.

I do have one picture to share. My incredible sister made a diaper cake for the event, and it was amazing! This is a picture of it while it's still at her house, and it still underwent some changes after this, but this is it at some point in the process. The picture in the middle is one of Ella's ultrasound photos:)

Once I made it back home after the shower, we made the obligatory visit to the grocery store for the impending snowpocalypse, as it was being called in Atlanta. I was completely skeptical and swore that it wouldn't snow an inch. I was wrong. Very, very wrong. For the first time since opening in 2005, the Aquarium actually closed - on Monday and Tuesday. Turner was closed too, so Kyle and I were stuck inside for a couple days. We both worked from home, and my sick self took advantage of being immobile, but it was still nice to be able to emerge on Wednesday, even if it was just for a few hours.

I did manage to put Ella's new bedding on her crib and start washing her clothes. I'm still not done - mostly because I'm being more tedious with her laundry than I am with ours. Her floor is still covered with stuff though - either because I don't know where to put it or don't have anywhere to put it yet. I'm starting to panic a tad because she is due in 6 weeks and her room still isn't done, but I know it will get there, eventually. As soon as I have it done, I will share pics. Those I will actually be able to take, and I can do it with the new digital SLR we got for Christmas! That's one thing I noticed - everyone who is having babies got fancy cameras for Christmas. I guess that's just what you do:)

As I mentioned, there are only 6 weeks left before Ella is due to arrive. Doesn't seem like a long time, but it's dragging. Mostly because I've felt so bad lately and because she has decided that she favors positions that I find extremely uncomfortable. She's a huge fan of kicking me in the ribs or just moving her feet around in my upper abdomen. She also likes to stick her bottom out, right in the middle of my stomach. I can feel her rolling around to assume the position, and then, the left half of my stomach juts out where she is pushing on it. It's pretty funny, but it's actually quite painful. In the meantime, I'm dragging Kyle to more classes. This weekend, we have childbirth preparation class from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, and then I'm going to see Beauty and the Beast at the Fox with his mom and sister. Then, on Sunday, we have Infant CPR class. In two weeks, we have Baby Essentials class, which is another 3 hours on a Sunday. We've already been on our hospital tour, and I've already been to breastfeeding class. Luckily, there were no men in there. That would've been weird.

And then I turn 28. Not happy about feeling old, but at least I will soon have something spectacular to lift my spirits.

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