Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Excuse me, do you have this in pink?

Gretel is training to be an acrobat. Yep. Little Miss, which Kyle's sister Allie named her, moves around a LOT. I felt my first distinct kick on Sunday night, and it about took me off the couch. It shocked me more than anything else. She moves constantly though. I had a doctor's appointment this morning just to hear the heartbeat, and the nurse commented several times on how much she was moving around. Her bpm was 160, which I was afraid was high. The nurse said it's just a sign of her being active. I guess that means we may need to find outlets for her to express all that extra energy:)

Gretel made her first official shopping trip to the mall this this weekend. Kyle's family was in town, so his mom, sister and I made a day of it at Lenox and Phipps Plaza on Saturday. We found some fabulous things for her, including Juicy Couture diaper covers, beautiful dresses and her first pair of shoes - hot pink, sequin-covered Stuart Weitzmans. Most everything was pink, but we did fit in some classic Burberry, not the pink check. So far, she is absolutely her mother's daughter. Technically, it's because I'm still the one doing the shopping, but it's nice to think that maybe she's a little like me. Allie took care of the toys, so she will have something to entertain her after I entertain myself with baby dress-up.  I kept having to remind myself that I don't have to dress her for the entire first year of her life before November. I want to buy everything I see right now, so I'm trying to pull back a little. The kid may need more than a pink dress and sequin shoes to get through life. I mean, that's all I've ever needed, but I better not bank on that. Here are her diaper covers and my three favorite dresses:) Some of them will have to wait until she's older, but they were too adorable to not get now.

I got a text message from her Aunt Allie at 11 p.m. last night. She has added two onesies to the mix - a red one that says "Born to Rock," which should go nicely with the pink Aerosmith and pink AC/DC onesies I got her (hey, the girl's gotta have some street cred), and a blue one that simply says "meh..." I retract my previous statement. She is her father's daughter.

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  1. OH MY GOD! Those shoes are so cute they hurt!