Thursday, May 26, 2011

Love from the Easter Bunny:)

We took Ella to Fort Payne for Easter, which was also her first trip to FP. We spent one night at my parents's house and one night at Kyle's parents' house. The Easter Bunny visited Ella at both houses! She got the all-important diapers, as well as a mermaid beach towel with her name on it, personalized sand pail with goodies and two baskets full of fun stuff like books, toys, bath toys, bibs and her first camouflage, ruffled onesie (courtesy of Aunt Allie).

We also went to church, which is the same church Kyle and I were married in. She was an excellent baby. She slept the entire time. I passed her off to Granna during the service, though, because my child is like her mother - she gives off more body heat than she knows what to do with. I was SWEAT-ING. She is sooo hot. But other than that, she was the perfect baby.

We then went and had her first Easter egg hunt. She found all of the eggs all by herself, including the prize egg!

All in all, I would say that Ella is a very, very lucky girl:)

Our sweet family before church

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