Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ella's first cold:)

A lot has happened since I was an avid blogger, but my goal now is to just catch up. I will hit the high points and skim the low ones when I can, and when I remember them:)

My baby girl got her first cold last week. She had a little bit of a dry cough. It was so minor that we actually thought she had just learned how to do it, so she was amusing herself. Then came the runny nose. Again, it's one of those things that was probably harder on me than it was on her. I called her doctor every other day until they told me to just come in. The nurse said, "I"m sure she's fine, but you sound concerned, so why don't you come in..." Yep, I'm on my way.

I worked from home on Tuesday so I could stay with her, then Kyle stayed with her on Wednesday and Thursday, and then we split Friday. That allowed her to stay home with the humidifier for 24 hours a day and not go to school. We did that and suctioned her nose out as needed, along with giving her saline nose drops as needed. She went back to school this past Monday, then stayed at home with Kyle Tuesday and Wednesday because he was off those days. She seems like she is almost back to normal, but it's been a rather sleepless experience for me. She's been totally fine. We have to wake her up in the morning because she wants to sleep in, but I wake up every hour just to check on her. Like I said - probably harder on her than it is on me.

Her first sick day:(

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