Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What is this witchcraft?!

No, posting two days in a row is not my attempt to not suck at blogging. It's mostly a coincidence. I posted yesterday because I started to feel bad about myself. I'm posting now because I went to the doctor today, and I don't have anything else to do:) Plus, I thought of some funny things that I didn't want to forget.

Doctor appointment today was easy breezy. She just listened to the heartbeat and answered my questions (will the Kings of Leon concert on Friday hurt kiddo's ears; why does my head hurt ALL THE TIME; when is it supposed to move; are you sure my kid won't be deaf after Friday night?). The heart rate was 160 bpm. Average is 120-160 for this time period. An old wives tale about gender prediction is that a heart rate of 140 bpm or higher indicates a girl and lower than 140 bpm indicates a boy. I've kind of been banking on this one since it seems more science-based, but my nurse assured me that there is no truth to it. While it seems more legit, I certainly haven't limited myself to just this one tale.

I'm a desperately impatient person and I hate waiting, especially for surprises. I don't find out pink or blue until Sept. 29, which, to a normal, sane person, is just a short three weeks away. It's not. It's freakin forever. It was even longer than freaking forever two weeks ago when they made my appointment. At that point, it was a six-week wait. So I was left to my own devices to try to figure out what kiddo is. Enter the witchcraft. Well, not really witchcraft. I didn't mix any potions or chant spells or even break out the Magic 8 Ball. I googled old wives tales until I was blue in the face. I've taken a million online quizzes that are supposed to predict gender - I've received an equal amount of girl/boy results. There are a lot of things that the so-called old wives say can predict your baby's gender - your complexion, the changes in your body, how you're carrying your weight, your baby's heart rate, foods that you crave...they seem legit enough, right? Then we get into the more ridiculous ones - how fast the hair is growing on your legs (ick), how cold your feet are, did you conceive on a full moon, etc. Really? Then, there's the needle/ring test. Enter more witchcraft.

The tale goes that you suspend a needle or your wedding ring from a string or a strand of your hair (what?) over your stomach. You have to hold the needle or ring still, and then it will either swing in a circle or back and forth like a pendulum. Seems silly, but I figured I would try it. So I made Kyle suspend my ring, and later a needle, over my stomach. At first, nothing happened. But then, both times, it started swinging back and forth like crazy. It was freaky. I told the girls at work, so they wanted to try it. After we thought everyone had left for the evening, we shut the door to my office and I laid down in the floor. They took turns. One time, it went in a circle. Every time after that, a pendulum it was. I don't think they believed how crazy it was until they did it. I don't know why it's supposed to predict gender, but dude, it's pretty crazy. Craziness further ensued when there was a knock on my door. It was my senior VP, who wanted to know what kind of witchcraft we were performing. Luckily, he has a sense of humor and a gaggle of grandkids, so he understood.

So now, I've got the ring/needle test telling me boy and the heart rate telling me girl. So who knows? All I know is that the next three weeks can not go by fast enough.

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