Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's a...

GIRL!!! Holy cow. Never thought it would happen. Those old wives don't know jack. Every single predictor they use said that Gretel was actually a boy. But it took the ultrasound this morning to show anything definitive. And homegirl is...well...a girl. To say that I'm excited would be an understatement. I will chill with the pink font now, because it's hurting my eyes. 

Yesterday was the longest day of my life. I was so relieved when it was finally time to go to bed, but do you remember how you felt when you were 6 years old and it was Christmas Eve? Yeah. Take that, and multiply it by 10. That's how I felt. And restless leg syndrome is no lie. I should know. It struck me at at 3:30 a.m., and that was all she wrote. I laid there for a while, and finally gave up at 5 a.m. Between the need to have every joint in my body popped and the nervous anxiety that was throwing a party in my stomach, it was an extra long morning. I didn't get that instant gratification you get on Christmas morning when there is 0.5 seconds between waking up and opening presents. Noooo. This girl had to wait another 5 hours. It was important for me to eat this morning because they were drawing vials of blood for the second part of my sequential screening, but it just wasn't happening. I couldn't eat anything. I drank OJ because my friend MW said she heard that it makes the baby move around and cooperate. Not sure why, but I did it anyway. Anything that might help, right? 

Once I finally got in the ultrasound room, the most important thing was to make sure Gretel was healthy and growing properly. So the technician took lots of images before we finally got around to gender. Gretel is, by the way, healthy and growing quickly. She weighs a hefty 10 oz, which actually puts me a week ahead of schedule. That's the most important thing, of course. I actually have to go back in four weeks for another ultrasound because homegirl was moving around so much that they couldn't take enough good pictures of her heart, which is only about the size of a quarter. 

Finally, the technician stuck the wand on the side of my stomach, and it showed Gretel from underneath, pretty much like she was sitting on the wand. God help me - if she ever finds out about this blog or comes across it one day, I hope she forgives me for posting this picture. But I have to. You can see her tiny bottom, legs and her girliness. 

My girl was not ready to wake up and didn't want to be bothered. It didn't take long, though, for all the poking to wake her up, and then she wouldn't stay still. She kept her hands around her face and later sucked her thumb. 

Today begins the shopping extravaganza. My mom has already been on a diaper run. Kyle and I are going shopping tonight (He knows it and isn't trying to get out of it. How awesome is that?!). And Kyle's family is in town this weekend, so I'm sure that his mom, Allie and I will go browsing. 

And before I turn you loose, I have to tell you what the amazing girls I work with did for me. Without my knowing, they sent an office email to everyone, asking them for their boy/girl predictions. Then, they were texting Kyle last night and this morning to make sure the timing was right for my arrival this morning so they could surprise me. When I got to work, they had showered my desk with pink and blue stars, the whiteboard was decorated with the boy/girl predictions and designs, and everyone was wearing pink and blue to coincide with their predictions. I was so surprised and touched that everyone put so much effort into today. I love my girls. They are the best. And I love that my girl will know them:)

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