Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Can I get some steak with my carrots?

When Ella turned 6 months old, we got to celebrate a new milestone - solid food:) After speaking with her doctor and reading about all the benefits of waiting until 6 months, we decided to do so, and it's been hard for her daddy. He has been dying to feed her real food, and he had so much fun planning her menus and picking out foods for her to try.

We started with rice cereal, which she hated. We tried oatmeal cereal, and it was pretty successful right off the bat. Now, she LOVES it. Then, we moved on to carrots, and it took a few tries, but now she likes them pretty well. We've also been successful with sweet potatoes, green peas and bananas. Her favorite...squash. My girl LOVES her squash. I can't wipe her mouth because she can't keep her tongue in her mouth - she is constantly trying to get the spoon or the towel.

So far, the only thing she doesn't like is green beans, which is interesting because I ate a ton of green beans while I was pregnant. Maybe that's why...

She also has her first tooth coming in. It should make chewing on things interesting:)

Did I mention that I have a beautiful baby girl? 

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