Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where to begin...

Two posts in a row. That's right. Don't get used to it. Right now, I'm on a roll. And football is on, so I don't have much else to do. Onward and upward. Now that I've shared with you why I started this little blog, I should probably go back a little bit. You are, after all, about 3 months behind. How about I just start with a few things that might help to know? For background info and future posts...

If you read my first post, then you know that Kyle and I are expecting kiddo numero uno. Feb. 27 is the date, which makes me 3 months along right now. And no, next year is not a leap year. That's the first thing I asked, though. We've already told our families and a handful of friends. I had to tell my work girls a few weeks earlier than planned because Gretel (the in utero name I have given kiddo - despite not knowing the gender) had me nauseous all day long for about 6 weeks. When you no longer eat during the day, the group of girls you devour cheese dip with weekly are going to notice (BTW - you can't eat queso when you're pregnant, but that's a different post for a different day). And yeah, the idiot that came up with the term "morning sickness" was either a dude or part of a conspiracy to keep women pregnant, not fully revealing to them that vomiting throughout the day for weeks was a possibility. It is, is.

My plan was to wait another couple of days before telling anyone else, but I broke weak and started telling more people at work today. I actually only told two people, but they told two people, and they told two get the point. When I got dressed for work this morning and looked like I had stuck a cantaloupe under my shirt, I decided it was time. Which is a nice transition to...

Maternity pants. Dude. They are freaking awesome. I held out as long as I could because part of me wasn't ready. I was missing out! They are like wearing yoga pants at top and trousers at the bottom. A-MAZING. I want to wear them forever. I went around work with my pants unbuttoned for a few weeks, which afforded my group a few laughs. But maternity pants are waaaayyy better. Sorry, no transition to the next topic...

In utero names. So I've named kiddo Gretel. I don't know why. I don't know if it's a girl or a boy yet, but Gretel just seemed like it fit. I tried a bunch of meaningless nouns, but nothing stuck like Gretel. My grandfather has called me Myrtle my entire life. Seriously. He has never, ever called me Ashley. And to me, Gretel and Myrtle sound similar, so maybe that has something to do with it. Kyle, on the other hand, has another name for Gretel....


Yes, Seven. If you are an avid Seinfeld watcher, you probably get it. Seinfeld is the only show (aside from sports) that Kyle has ever regularly watched. And thanks to syndication, he never has to stop. Seven is the name that George Costanza has picked out for his future children.

Okay, I think I've covered enough for today. But don't worry. I have an editorial calendar of sorts started on my iPhone notes, so I might actually be able to keep doing this regularly. We'll see how it goes:)  Oh, and all my love to Mallory for becoming my first follower. She didn't have a choice. She's the only one who knows about the blog right now:)


  1. In response to baby Seven, Uncle Nick would like to propose the name Soda...something about Seinfeld, but he won't explain it to me :)

  2. It's bubbly and refreshing! For you, my dear. The story behind "Soda": Basically, George tells his and Susan's pregnant friends they should name their daughter Soda. Susan later tells them about George's desire to name his kid Seven, and they love the name. They steal it. He flips out. It's pretty funny.

    Kudos to Uncle Nick. You know, that husband of yours is alright.

  3. Love the shout-out. So excited about this blog. I'm already a regular. :)