Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This could be a bad idea....

I'm not kidding. This could be a bad idea. One of two things will probably happen. Either I'm going to suck at this because a) I don't have anything interesting to say  b) I won't make the time to be a timely blogger and c) I've already decided I'm going to suck at this. OR - I'm going to be awesome, realize that I'm awesome and then completely neglect more important things (husband, laundry, weeding, etc.) because I'm here...typing because I have a distorted view of how important my thoughts are. But I've already invested too much time in making this thing look pretty, so we're doing this thing.

Now that I'm committed, allow me to cut to the chase. You're behind. That's not your fault. It's because I chose for you to be behind. Most of you are reading this post more than a week after it was originally posted. That's because I haven't let you in on my secret yet. But I will a week from today. You see, my inspiration for becoming a blogger comes from within. Literally. At this moment, you probably know me, but what you don't know is...I'm going to be a mom. That's right. Come February, I will be one of the bona fide mommy bloggers that I cherish and appreciate (personally and professionally speaking). So, I originally decided that I would blog about the experience. But I realized that not everything has to be baby-related. Oh, don't get me wrong. A lot of it will be, especially at first. But I promise to try (repeat, to try) not to drive you to the brink of insanity with baby stories. I have plenty of other interests, which I will share with you as we go along. Not today. As of this moment, I have probably spent two hours trying to make this thing look pretty, and being in the delicate condition I am in, I don't have the stamina to tell you the story behind baby's in utero names, my love of maternity pants (I will explain later) and why General Hospital is the greatest show on television. Yep. Greatest. That's what I said.

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